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Some Helpful Tip for Selecting a Tennis Racquet

How to Determine your Tennis Racquet Grip Size

Tennis Racquets usually start at a 4 inch grip size and go up by 1/8 inch to a maximum of 4 5/8 inches. If you require a larger size you can wrap your grip with an overwrap, each wrap is about 1/16 of an inch increase.

The grip size that best matches you is usually determined by your hand size

  1. Hold up the palm of your hand facing yourself
  2. Measure the distance from the middle horizontal crease on your palm to the end of your ring finger
  3. Choose the grip size closest to that measurment, it is best to round down to a smaller size if you are in teh middle then use a wrap grip to build up the the size that feels best to you.

Choosing a String Pattern

Generally there are 2 types of string patterns, Open and Dense

Open String Pattern

  • 16 main, 20 cross
  • Increases Spin - more space between strings grabs the ball more

Dense String Pattern

  • 18 main, 20 cross
  • Increases Control - less space between strings give added control for more accuracy
  • Harder to generate topspin

Tennis Racquet Balance

  • Head Heavy
    • Generates more Power
    • Slower reactions at the net for vollies
    • Ideal for Baseline Rally Players
  • Head Light
    • Generates more Power
    • Ideal for serve and volley players
    • Less Power for baseline ground strokes
  • Balanced
    • Ideal for mix of baseline and net play

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet Weight

There are many factors to consider when choosing a tennis racquet weight. Force = Mass * Acceleration so if you have a slow swing speed a heavier racquet will actually help you generate more power while a lighter racquet with a fast swing speed can generate the same power. A lighter racquet also allows for a faster reaction time at the net for doubles players. Adult racquets usually start at around 9 ounces and go up to about 14-15 ounces.

How to Choose a Tennis Head Size

  • Super Oversized - 116+ square inches
  • Oversized - 106 - 115 square inches
  • Mid Plus - 95 - 105 square inches
  • Mid Size - 80 - 94 square inches

Player Level Recommendations


Players first learning the game of tennis should start with a light racquet featuring a larger head size, often called an "oversize" racquet". This will help them make contact with the ball consistently while learning to rally without wearing out their arm as their muscles get used to the game.


Intermediate players can start to reduce their head size and add a little more weight to their racquet as their tennis muscles develop and they learn to generate more pace on their own. Doing these two things will allow them to keep their new-found power under control.


Advanced players should be using "mid-size" rackets that allow them to play with control, feel and precision. These three benefits will provide a more connected-to-the-ball feel, allowing players to play more confidently as they go for their shots.

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