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RacquetGalaxy's Warranty Policy

What is the warranty on a racquet?

Each manufacturer maintains that its racquet frames are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, for a period of 6 months. The manufacturer will replace the racquet at its discretion. Any frame replaced under this policy will be covered only for the remainder of the original 6 month period.

What if my racquet breaks?

The manufacturer's offer a 6 month warranty on racquets from the original date of purchase. Below is the phone numbers or warranty order forms on how to receive a replacement.

The manufacturer will require your original invoice of sale from RacquetGalaxy, showing purchase within the last 6 months. If you do not have a copy of your invoice, email to obtain a copy of your invoice through email or fax. Please provide as much information in the email as you can, and specify which method you would like to receive your invoice.

**If your broken Head racquetball racquet is one of the following please use our Online Warranty Order Form as you have to come through us for replacement: Head Graphene XT 160, Paola, XT 170, XT 180, Graphene Radical 160, 170 or 180, Liquid Metal 170, 180, or 190, Ti 175XL, Black Jack, Royal Flush, Full House, Submission, Tap Out, TKO, Black Widow, Cobra, Zeus, Ares, or Hades. Wilson Pro Staff. These are our exclusive models and Head and Wilson do not stock them for replacement. Head or Wilson will still need to approve the replacement first before we can send you a new model. If you have any other racquet please feel free to contact the 800-289-7366 phone #.

Are there warranties on other items?

Yes, although it varies by each manufacturer. Please contact them for more specific information, but here are the typical warranty periods:

Racquet Strings

NO warranty on strings by manufacturer.  There is a 2 week warranty by from date of purchase on factory strings. If you choose to upgrade to our recommended Python Atlas string, we will warranty the string for 4 weeks. We realize that factory string is lower in quality, and since we can't warranty it, we give you the chance to upgrade to our best string at a cost of $22.00 (normally $36.00).

Keep in mind, the general rule of thumb is the number of times you play in a week is the number of times you should get your racquet restrung in a year. Strings don't last forever. For example, if you play 5 times a week, you should get your racquet restrung 5 times a year. If you feel it is time for a restring, and want to mail it into us, here is a link to our mail-in restring service.


Not covered under warranty. For replacement nose pieces, please contact the manufacturer for availability.


4 - 6 months against defect or abnormal wear

  • Asics Sneaker Warranty - 


    Not covered under warranty


    2:1 double back guarantee with label still visible with manufacturer

    What if I want upgrades made to my replacement racquet?

    All warranty replacements will have factory specifications on the racquet. It would be preferable to ship your cracked racquet to RacquetGalaxy if you want any upgrades (strings, grips) made to the replacement racquet. You don't need to contact us ahead of time by phone or email, you can fill out our online warranty order form . You can also just mail your racquet to us with a note enclosed with all of your information and specify any upgrades you may want once the racquet is replaced. If you will need additional merchandise when your replacement arrives, we can add that for you, just include it on the note.

    Ship your racquet to:

    Attn: Warranty Dept
    606 Pierce Rd
    Clifton Park, NY 12065

    This process will take 4-6 weeks depending on the manufacturer.  There are No early replacements given out unless the racquet has broke within 2 weeks of your original purchase date.

    The replacement fee is $19.95 for RacquetGalaxy to handle the warranty replacement. This covers shipping of the cracked racquet to the manufacturer and the replacement racquet back to the customer. Additional shipping fee will be added if the customer requests more items shipped along with the replacement. All upgrades on the racquet are charged to the customer as if the racquet was mailed in to RacquetGalaxy for restring or regrip- we DO NOT offer the same $21.95 discounted restring on replacement racquets that was offered on a brand new racquet purchase. Any additional merchandise requested will be shipped along with the replacement and charged accordingly.

    What if my racquet breaks with upgraded strings or installed grip?

    RacquetGalaxy will re-install upgraded strings and/or grip for free on a replacement racquet if you ordered a new racquet with upgrades and the racquet breaks within 15 days from the purchase date. After that time, all upgrades on a warranty replacement are charged to the customer.

    FREE GROUND SHIPPING over $69 to contiguous US - FREE to Canada over $349 - FREE International over $699